Carlos E. Delpiazzo

Mr. Delpiazzo specializes in administrative contracts, privatizations and the areas of informatics and technology, being repeatedly retained by the Uruguayan State and public enterprises.

He has had an important and remarkable participation in the public sphere as Minister of Public Health and Undersecretary of National Defense.

He has drafted several projects for laws and regulations, such as the Laws of Administrative Contracts, Creation of Communications and Network of Public Interest Services Regulation Departments, State Reform and Institute for the Promotion of Investment and Exports. He served as President of the Committee for State Reform in several areas, including the privatization of the distribution of gas, the modification of the legal framework for the introduction of natural gas, and the process for the association of ANTEL (state telephone company) and PLUNA (state airline) with private companies. He is a distinguished professor both locally and internationally, being Professor of Public Law and Juridical Informatics at the University of Uruguay and of Administrative Law, Director of the Master's Program in Economic Administrative Law and Professor of Informatics Law at the University of Montevideo.

Author of several books and articles on the areas of his specialty, published in Uruguay and abroad, for instance: “Manual de Contratación Administrativa” (2 tomes), “El Banco Central del Uruguay”, “Régimen jurídico de los recursos administrativos”, “Información, informática y derecho”, “Derecho Informático Uruguayo”, “Derecho Administrativo de la Regulación Económica” (, “Propiedad Intelectual”. He is a Member of the Uruguayan Institute of Administrative Law, the Institute of Administrative Law of the Notarial University of Argentina, the Argentine Association for Administrative Law and the MERCOSUR Association for Public Law.

He is the Director of the Informatics Law Institute and Founding Member of the Uruguayan Association for Law and Informatics (AUDI). He is a Member of the Arbitration Body of the Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration of the Uruguayan Stock Exchange and of the Arbitration Body of the Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration of the Sao Paulo Brazilian-Argentine Chamber of Commerce.

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